The Joys of Puppy Ownership

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The Joys of Puppy Ownership

by Lucy May

So you have decided to take the plunge and buy the cutest puppy you could find. All puppies, whatever the breed are adorable, so cute, so appealing. But you must remember they grow... quickly. So a decision must first be made as to which type of dog you are looking for. Dogs come in so many different sizes from the small lap dogs to the large guard dogs. As a responsible owner you must select an animal suitable for your household and your lifestyle. Research your desired breed well and only buy from respectable breeders. Once a litter is ready to meet you, be prepared to lose your heart. The puppies are so vulnerable, as you cuddle one every maternal bone in your body will want to protect and nurture this tiny being.

This little bundle of fluff will look to you for guidance, for warmth, for food and for your love. In return you will gain a friend and companion like no other, offering unconditional love and affection. The two of you will begin to bond; your puppy will look to you as leader of the pack. Learning to trust one another, that each of you will be there for the other. From the beginning the games you play together will form the basis of your training and obedience lessons. Don?t forget to sometimes let your puppy win ? a tug-of-war with a rope as an example can be more rewarding for both of you if the joys of winning are shared.

The early weeks are hard, more work then you thought possible, as you deal with the never ending feeding time table or the occasional puddle in the wrong place. But soon this starts to get better as your puppy grows and learns right from wrong.

Following vaccinations, you gain the wonderful joy of taking your puppy out. Walking an animal is your chance to experience the real outdoors and discover the beauty of the countryside on our doorsteps. Here the two of you can enjoy the fresh air and exercise your bodies. For you it is a chance to rest your mind away from the worries and stresses of modern day life. For the duration of your walk you are able to feel free ? totally free. Listen to the birds, the trees blowing in the wind, sheep and cattle. Watch a deer as it crosses your path. Yes, the two of you are going to become constant companions, each taking from the other what it needs to survive and grow. As your puppy grows, the time will come for both of you to attend dog training classes. Here you can socialise with other owners, meet their pets and together learn the lessons which will transform your puppy into a well behaved adult dog.

But for now you have discovered the joys of owning a puppy, yes sometimes puppies can be mischief makers, cheeky and playful. They can and will at times eat or chew things they should not, totally disrupt your life and maybe your home. However once you let a puppy into your life your heart will never ever want to let go. If you want to have a laugh at what a really playful puppy can do then check out ? a daily diary of a puppy growing up, written by the puppy.

I own several dogs, mainly Golden Retrievers and Black labs. I find the friendship an animal can offer you the richest reward in the world.

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