The Lucky Break That Stopped My Dog Eating Poo

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The Lucky Break That Stopped My Dog Eating Poo

by Walter Lorkin

It?s difficult to get your dog to stop eating poo. This behaviour amongst dogs is not unusual and has a scientific name - it is called Coprophogy and can be very embarrassing for the dog owner.

Let me tell you the story of how we believe we found the solution to my dog, Murdoch, eating his poo.

Other than the traditional eczema, which white Bull Terriers (in particular) seem to suffer from, Murdoch seemed to be a pretty healthy and happy dog. I loved him to death but he had this disgusting habit of eating his own poo.

Maybe I was overly sensitive to it but he seemed to eat his poo at the most inopportune times, like when we had people or clients around.What does one do? If you say nothing it?s as if you condone it yet if you do react you certainly draw attention to it!

My vet gave me something to put in his food but that didn?t seem to help. He was eating quite a bit of horse liver for his eczema but I didn?t think that was the problem as his habit had started as a pup long before we put him on horse liver. Searching the Internet for a cause and discovered that there was no firm answer only a number of theories ? the most common of which were:

  1. Lack of attention. Animals who crave and are denied attention misbehave simply to be noticed. Knowing that they will get negative attention is better than not getting any attention.
  2. Fear of reprisal. Having been scolded, smacked, had their nose rubbed in it or disciplined in some other unpleasant way, dogs eat their poo in order to hide the evidence and thus avoid the punishment which inevitably follows.
  3. Cleanliness. Dogs are also thought to eat their poo when confined in small areas in an effort to keep their ?house in order?.
  4. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals. Dogs have become so domesticated that their digestive systems are unable to extract the vitamins and minerals they need from commercial pet food. This being the case they go back for a second lot as it is easier to break down and utilize on the second passing.
I didn?t believe that any of these applied to my dog.

Firstly both my wife and I worked from home and Murdoch and the other animals on our five and a half acre section got lots of attention and love. The children were forever playing ?hunting? with them.

Murdoch very seldom, if ever, got reprimanded as we trained our dogs on a reward for good behaviour basis, rather than punishment for bad behaviour.

With over 5 acres to run around on he certainly wasn?t confined and, together with his horse liver, Murdoch was receiving the finest food and vitamin and mineral supplements recommended by our vet.

It was pretty obvious to me that some dogs were just poo eaters and Murdoch was unfortunately one of them. None of our two other Bull Terriers had this problem although all suffered with varying degrees of eczema.

One day whilst surfing the net to find yet another way to help with the eczema, as the horse liver was not working and was a mission to obtain and prepare, I came across an interesting article about commercial pet food. It was particularly interesting because at the time there had been a recall of some pet food for some or other health reason.

The article made no reference to eczema but it was fascinating reading. The more I read the more interested I became until it got to a point where I thought that it was worth trying. And that is how we started our Bull Terriers on ?Dog Food Secrets?.

I was amazed when a few weeks later not only did all the eczema clear up but I became aware that Murdoch was no longer eating his poo!

Whether or not Dog Food Secrets was responsible for Murdoch?s changed behaviour or not I cannot say.

What I can tell you is that the benefits of feeding my dogs according to the methods outlined in this e-book are well worth the effort. Not only have our pet food bills dropped but we have found that our vets bill has more than halved.

We have been preparing our pets food this way for some time now and Murdoch has not gone back to his previously embarrassing habit nor has his eczema returned.

I have no hesitation in highly recommend giving ?Dog Food Secrets? a try, who knows what other benefits somebody else may discover?

As a retired breeder I am happy to recommend Dog Food Secrets for all the benefits claimed and many other less obvious.

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