The Miracle Puppy

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The Miracle Puppy

by Alona Habaluyas

Once I had a dog named Laika. She was very skinny when I got her. But I was able to take good care of her and she became a pretty and healthy dog. She became pregnant a few months after I got her. But there was a problem on the delivery after her first baby so I had to bring her to the veterinary hospital to have her on a CS operation. That was approximately 16 hours after she delivered the first pup. The doctor asked me to leave her there and wait for his call. He gave me one pack of liquid milk and asked to bring home the puppy with me. It was a Sunday morning at about 10am. A few minutes had passed and I started to become worried. I tried calling the vet to check her condition but there was no answer. I started to cry while looking at the little puppy on my lap. I felt so helpless not knowing what was happening to my girl. But then because of a few sleepless nights on watching Laika at her almost-delivering-moments of her life, I fell sleep and was waken up only because of a shocking news. My brother-in-law told me that Laika is dead. I felt the world over me. I didn't know what to ask. I couldn't even cry out loud. I didn't know what to think of and what to do. How could that happen? Why? What did the vet do? Why he didn't even call me? How about this puppy? How was I gonna make her survive? All these questions I've asked and pain that I've felt weren't enough for me to just stop moving on, I had this little creature to take care of. I know I had to be strong and keep moving on so I could fight for the life of this little angel named Bicka.

Bicka is a very beautiful female dog. She will turn 3 this coming September. Every year we celebrate her birthday like we do with the kids, my niece and my nephew, with cake, ice cream, salad and pasta on the table. I always buy a special gift for her every year. She's like a child to me, my baby, my love, my princess.

But before she had her first birthday, or even when she was a few days old, her life was at risk. Not having her mom with her to take care and to feed her made it so very hard. But then I did my best and I have loved her so much that there were times that I forgot to take care of myself. During the first few days, I would always skip meals just to have time to feed her at my lunchbreak. I became so thin because of having only 2-3 hours of sleep every night. I would also find myself so broke for buying those expensive milk formulas. I didn't stop and didn't care about the vet's words saying that the puppy wouldn't survive without her mom. I am her mom now! I fought for her life with all the best that I could give and now, looking at her, how she grew so pretty, a young princess of mine, makes me feel so happy and proud of myself. My pretty Bicka will always be the miracle puppy of Laika and the living creature proving that miracles aren't always just for humans but for animals, too!

Alona has Golden Retrievers. She loves dogs so much that she doesn't want to see any of them out on the street. For her, dogs are like humans and have feelings, too. Check her blogs for pictures of her dogs at and and more of her as an internet marketer at

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