The Most Important Dog Training Tip

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The Most Important Dog Training Tip

by Mylar Skye

When it comes to training, you would think that there would be more than one dog training tip to use; in fact, you would expect to get several. This is true; there are tips from experts that can make the entire training process easier, and certainly more effective.

Is there, however, one dog training tip that can be the foundation for all of the others? Actually, there is. The tip that needs to be understood first is to remember that your dog is not human. That may seem like an obvious point, but so many people approach the task of dog training thinking that they can ?reason? with their dog, or that their dog will understand when told that it has done something wrong, that the issue definitely needs to be addressed.

Your dog does not think like a human. He responds to you, but not in the way that you think. Therefore, the dog training tip that makes the most sense when it comes to every aspect of training is simple: treat your dog in the way that he will understand. For example, before you ever start the training process, you need to establish dominance. Dogs understand the concept of hierarchy; they need to know where their place is in the ?pack?, and you need to establish yourself as the leader of the pack in order for him to want to please you. Your dog will always think in terms of pack mentality, so don?t think that just because you are the ?human? that he automatically sees you as leader. Whether you obtain your dog as a puppy, or as an older dog, start first with the rules of hierarchy. You, as leader, always walk slightly ahead. When you are eating, don?t feed your dog from your plate; rather, feed him when you are done. This dog training tip sets the stage for your dog to want to follow your lead for all other things to come.

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