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The Most Luxurious Dog Bed

by Kelly Eden

Who doesn't love a big, snuggly bed? When I first saw the Slumber Ball Bed in the Doctors Foster & Smith catalog I thought "Gee, that looks comfy!" So being the good Sheltie mom, I just had to get one for my perfect dog.

When the box arrived however, I thought I'd gone overboard in proving my Sheltie devotion. I purchased the largest one made & the box was HUGE. Seriously, it was REALLY, 1/2 the size of a refrigerator box huge. I took the bed out & Trevor looked at me like "yea right!" He seemed a little intimidated by it, so I tried to encourage him by demonstrating just how fun it was by getting into it myself. Of course Trevor is game to try anything mom is doing & he did flop into the bed with me. It did take him a little time to figure out how to enter & exit the bed with some grace, but by the end of the evening he was comfortably nesting in the ball. He wasn't even sleeping - but seemed so comfortable he didn't want to get up either.

The Slumber Ball is stuffed with MiracleLoft? polyfil - which is made thicker and springier than ordinary polyfil. The bed's cushioning conforms to your dog's shape & never rolls or flattens. The best part about this bed? It has a machine washable cover and an inner liner that unzips for easy care. Sweet!

Even better, you can purchase replacement bed fill to refresh the innards or add even more loft. The 2-lb bag is a combination of MiracleLoft? polyfil and aromatic cedar for freshness and flea repellency.

Trevor weighs about 35 pounds & is shown in the largest size, the 44" diameter. The beds do squish down a bit, so if you have any doubts about the right size, I'd round up. It gives them more room to spread out, or share with a friend. :)

Doctors Foster & Smith Deluxe Slumber Ball bed...4 paws up!

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