The Protein Requirements of Dogs

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The Protein Requirements of Dogs

by Cynthia S

We are a nation obsessed with protein requirements. Usually we think of our own protein requirements or those of our children, but for those of us with pets, we also obsess over what they need to function. Dogs have their own protein requirements, but they differ as they grow from puppy to adult. Furthermore, depending on its athletic performance the protein requirements of dogs may vary.

The protein requirement of dogs is best met with healthy, freshly-concocted homemade dog foodwhich has high biological value. Biological value refers to the percentage of the protein that can be broken down into usable amino acids. Eggs have the highest biological value at 100%, while beef hovers around 78%.

Puppies need a diet that consists of 28% of their diet. Adult dogs need about 18% and performance dogs such as dogs who sled race, need about 35%.

Many commercial dog food brands tend to be high in protein to make sure that there is adequate protein ingestion. For those of you who have switched to feeding homemade dog food to your pets, chicken is a great protein source and it is highly digestible as well.

There is no need to obsess over the protein requirements of dogs. Just make sure the dog receives one serving of a healthy protein at every meal time and it should be fine. For those of you who do not trust commercial brands anymore, and with just cause, be aware that there are many sources that provide homemade dog food recipes. My favorite source provides 245 recipes.

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