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The Right Dog Food

by Eric Hartwell

It is without a doubt that dogs play an important role in a human being?s life. Aside from providing comfort and amusement, the one quality that is most exemplary among dogs is their loyalty. It is not surprising then why many dog owners treat their pooches like a member of the family. They love and care for them and would want to give them the best not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of nutrition.

Long gone were the days when pet owners used to feed their dogs table scraps or leftovers of humans. Nowadays, the pet food market is filled with a myriad of brands and types of dog foods ranging from the dry, biscuit type, canned, soft moist and a whole lot of other varieties that you as a pet owner would get confused on which one would be most suited for your beloved pet.

Consulting your vet

Contrary to what most people would think, the best place to consult regarding your pet?s nutrition would be your pet doctor. He is in the position to make recommendations because he knows best what would be the most appropriate proportions of nutrition needed by a particular breed. Most people would think that their vets are just there to push the expensive dog foods that they are selling, but actually they are just as concerned with regards to your dog?s health and balanced nutrition. They are in the best position to recommend a dog food that is not only good for your dog but one that would affordable for your budget as well.

Picking out a dog food

The best thing you could probably do would be to do your homework and research on the particular needs of your dog. Just like human beings, dogs need the right combination of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and protein to keep them in tip top shape, to have energy needed for their various activities and for them to grow healthy and strong. It may not come as a surprise that many pet owners would choose the affordable ones, considering that these are hard times and often the budget is limited. You have to bear in mind though that you also have to take into consideration the importance of nourishment and nutrition to avoid future health related problems for your pooch.

Pet food manufacturers are exerting all their efforts to provide quality balance pet food incorporating them with the needed nutrition for a healthy pet. It?s a matter of you finding the right one for your dog because different breeds may require different needs.

Preparing your dog?s food yourself

For those of you who can?t seem to get themselves satisfied with the pet food being offered in the market, you can opt to preparing them yourselves; that is if you have the luxury of time to do this. There are many books as well as websites that offer information and recipes giving you detailed instructions that you could use when preparing and cooking dog food yourself.

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