The Right Dog Training Supplies And Equipment Is It important

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The Right Dog Training Supplies And Equipment Is It important

by Ira Nelson

Dogs play many different roles in human society.

It is obvious that the kinds of dog training supplies, aids, and equipment required are going to differ based on that role.

Guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding, drug and bomb sniffing dogs, dogs trained for agility, search and rescue, or to aid the visually or hearing impaired all have their special requirements when it comes to equipment.

Professional "working" dogs may need specific types of harnesses or training aids. For example, police dogs, also known as K9 Units, are trained to disarm and overwhelm likely criminals. The trainers use bite sleeves or suits to protect themselves during the attack training process.

When there are certain behavioral problems the situation may require tools to stop or modify the behavior, such as prong and choke chains, electronic, bark, or "spray" collars, and muzzles. Of course, this type of dog training equipment should never injure or harm your dog as this could lead to aggression or other behavioral or obedience problems.

One type of sophisticated electronic dog training tool available is the remote training system. These weather-proof systems are comprised of a collar containing a signal receiver and a transmitter used by the trainer to send a signal in the form of a vibration, a minor shock , or an ultrasonic frequency. These devices can be used from a distance to modify or stop a behavior that the trainer wants to control. They are corrective in a humane way and very effective in stopping bad behavior and reinforcing new commands.

Supplies and equipment common to all dogs, whether they be "working" dogs or companion dogs are collars, leashes, crates, bowls, treats, and toys, along with grooming tools and health related supplies. As a dog owner you will find it beneficial to have on hand products to treat common ailments involving ears, eyes, and skin plus products for proper dental care.

Most pet shops as well as online pet product suppliers carry dog training supplies which will make your life easier, your dog's training more effective, and provide positive reinforcement and interaction with your dog which will contribute to his feelings of love and security.

Ira Nelson has years of experience in the dog care and training field. More information, tips, and techniques like the ones in this article as well as the best sources for the proper dog training supplies and aids are available at

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