The Rules Of Playing With Your Puppy

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The Rules Of Playing With Your Puppy

by Avrina Ware

In the course of a good rough and tumble, you will use words that he will remember next time. He will learn "Stop that," if he gets rough himself. If he needs reprimanding, a firm "No!" and a quick tap on the rump should make him behave.

Protect your puppy against what is really teasing, as when children call it "play" to steal his toys and hold them out of reach or to wrestle too roughly and hurt him. In addition, never play with him, or let children do so, until the point of exhaustion.

Reward him when you are teaching him something new, and let the play increase his understanding of you and your understanding of him. The time you spend with him can develop into a closer bond. He is learning, among other things, that you are his owner.

You can not properly live with a dog unless you give it some basic training. An untrained dog is a recipe for disaster. And you can not blame the dog for its bad behavior!

Lucky for you, dogs are not that difficult to train. So with a few basic lessons from you, your dog should be listening to you in no time!

Before you can get into teaching your dog the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, heel, down and come, you need to show your dog what actions are acceptable, and what actions are not.

You achieve this by constantly reinforcing good behavior by praise and correcting bad behavior in a mild and non violent way.

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