The Simple Facts Of Dogs From The Pregnant Mother To The Disobedient Puppy

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The Simple Facts Of Dogs From The Pregnant Mother To The Disobedient Puppy

by Cassandra Moore

In this article, there is information about caring for pregnant dogs, caring for newborn puppies, and potty training puppies. Information I list here can be very helpful for any dog owner. Feel free to scroll down if you are only interested in the training puppies part!

There are plenty of things that an owner should do in order to take care of a pregnant dog. Of course, these things consist of a little time, money, and patience.

Diet is a good factor for taking care of a pregnant dog. A good quality food that is suitable for pregnant dogs is highly recommended. If the mother gets ill, her puppies can suffer greatly, therefore she will need all the necessary vitamins and minerals in her diet.

Frequent check up visits to the vet is the most costly task of taking care of a pregnant dog. This is also the task that will be most costly. It is a good idea to have a vet present while the dog is actually giving birth as well, since complications can occur and the mother or her puppies could be at risk.

It is essential to provide a good, comfortable, safe and quiet place for the mother to give birth. This provides a lot of security to the dog and will be a great factor in everything running smoothly.

When the pups do arrive, they must be well cared for. Their immune systems are still developing, and they can incur health problems or infections very easily. Getting the puppy to take in as much colostrum, the antibody rich first milk of the puppy's mother, is very important. The peak of colostrum absorption occurs after eight hours of birth, so those of you with dogs expecting puppies, be sure to be mindful of this. From twenty-four hours and beyond after birth, there is a low absorption rate in the puppies. If there were any concerns by the owner on the level of consumption by the pups, they could ask the vet to take a blood test to check the antibody absorption rate. Owners should always make sure that their puppies have all their vaccinations on schedule to prevent health problems too.

Tips for housebreaking your puppy.

It is always wise to give your puppy access to the "area" frequently throughout the day to better the chances of the dog relieving itself outside. This will allow you to give extensive praise too, which will help greatly with the process. FYI - puppies do not acquire the muscle strength to hold their bladder until the 12-14 week mark. This does not mean that you shouldn't take them outside frequently, because you should nevertheless, to accomplish the training process a lot quicker.

It takes time to potty train a pup. And Consistency is KEY. Always praise your poochie when it relieves itself. This will allow them to understand what they did was just excellent and that it pleased you so much. And dogs are made very happy when their owner is pleased. So when successful, you must react with great excitement followed by reward in the form of verbal as well as physical praise. Treats are good too!

You must be patient when housebreaking puppies. It does not happen overnight. No major training can be successful overnight. Obedience is not necessarily something the comes naturally to dogs. But they do need to know who their master is, and obedience training, whether it be for barking, the potty, or biting, allows the owner to "control ' their dog for the better. You always need to train your dog in a consistent and compassionate manner for them to respond.You need to be consistent in showing your dog what behaviors you appreciate and those that you don't.

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