The Story of My Dog

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The Story of My Dog

by Alona Habaluyas

It was April 2004 when my friend told me that a dog was being sold. As a person who likes dogs so much, I took off right away and went to meet my friend to check the dog. And there, lying on her side, I saw this little creature that could barely stand up to greet us. Knowing that it would be hard for me to take care of this poor little girl, I still went on and paid for her. I came home with her, noticing the eyes of the neighbors around me. I didn't care much but I knew they were looking at my new-found-friend I named Laika. Her skinny body barely made it to the third floor of the apartment building I was living in.

I knew that my sister wouldn't like her. And so I came inside and took off my bag and proceed to the bathroom with her. She really smelled so bad that my sister even ask me: "Where did you get that stinky thing?" Well, that didn't really bother me. I got my shampoo and washed Laika from head to toes trying to wash away, not just the dirt and bad odor she had, but the bad memories she might have gotten from those who had once been an "owner" for her.

Thinking that this girl needed a lot of care to regain her weight, I bought a lot of canned dog foods and a sack of nuggets. I also bought a dog shampoo, nail clipper, brush and everything she would need.

The first few days was very hard for me. She didn't wanna eat or drink. But I tried to talk to her and showed her that I would love and take care of her, she started to eat. Days passed by and she gained weight and started to look pretty.

Being our family's first dog here, all attention was with her. I was so glad that my sister was able to accept her a few days after and she even let her sleep in my room. She became playful and so friendly that even our neighbors were always waiting for me every afternoon when it was time for me to walk her out to play.

I knew it was very hard but I did my best. A month or two later, everybody noticed how this poor little skinny girl transformed into a pretty, lovable, good-looking lady!

This article was written in memory of Laika who has died a few months after I got her, because of a veterinarian's negligence. More of my dogs at and more pictures at

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