The Top Five Tips for Finding a Dog Friendly Hotel

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The Top Five Tips for Finding a Dog Friendly Hotel

by Randy Jones

Before you set out on a trip with your dog, you should gather all the information you can about possible hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts at your destination. Currently there are 65 million dog owners in the US and approximately 19% take their pets with them when they travel. According to AAA, more than 13,000 hotels nationwide are now pet friendly.

Some hotels require the owner to sign an agreement to pay for any damage that the dog may do, while others require a refundable damage deposit. The larger hotel chains won?t charge extra for the pets stay, while others charge $10.00 to $50.00 extra per pet per day, so it pays to shop around. Most of the hotels surveyed prefer smaller dogs, (less than 30 pounds), but many have no weight limit, so again, do your homework before you go.

The list of amenities for pets is growing, especially in the larger hotel chains. A short list includes, ?doggie daycare?, walking services, pet play areas, grooming services including ?pawdicures?, and even special pet menus that include foods prepared by the hotels chef, served in a special doggie bowl, placemat, bottled water, and a complimentary chew toy.

You can do much to make your dog popular with the management. Inquire at the time you register where you can take him for a walk and all pet policies that apply. The following tips can make the difference between being invited back and being asked to leave:

-Be respectful toward other guests and always keep your pet on a leash when you leave your hotel room

-Keep identification on your pet, and some hotels require proof of vaccinations.

-After walking your pet always clean up after him

-Keep your pet contained in the bathroom or in a crate if he is left alone in the room

-Always take your pets personal items such as his food bowl, chew toys, bed or blanket to help him in strange surroundings

-Avoid messes on the carpet by having your pet eat in the bathroom

Most dogs are excellent travelers, better behaved than some children. The strange environments and experiences will make your pet feel more dependent on you. He will stick closer to you and obey you more promptly than he does at home. So the responsibility for his good behavior rests on your shoulders. You will have no problems if you simply anticipate your dog?s needs and provide for them.

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