The Ultimate Puppy Training Tip

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The Ultimate Puppy Training Tip

by Keith Perrett

Just about every puppy training tip I come across in the course of my veterinary duties probably has some merit but is generally aimed at resolving or instilling a single aspect of behaviour. This is all well and good, but this approach is a bit hit and miss and will not result in an obedient, well trained puppy or dog that will be a pleasure to share your life with.

The ultimate puppy training tip, in my opinion, is quite simple and it is this: Before you start training your puppy (or any other pet), you need to make an effort to understand how their mind works and thus how they will respond to your training efforts. The biggest single mistake puppy owners? make when trying to train a puppy is to expect a ?human? response to a ?human? action. You wont get it! You are going to get a ?puppy? response to your ?human? action, which in all likelihood will not be what you expected!

Logically, this should be so because we are dealing with a puppy and not a human. However, because many of us, quite rightly, treat our pets as valued members of our family, we tend to forget the differences. This can unfortunately lead to a good deal of frustration on the part of owners and sometimes destructive behaviours on the part of the puppy as it reacts to inappropriate training methods and actions.

The best puppy training tip I can offer therefore is to find training resources that utilise ?dog psychology? rather than ?human psychology? to train or rectify behaviour problems. When you do that, training a puppy actually becomes quite easy and incredibly rewarding for both parties. Better still, this puppy training tip, if taken to heart, will promote harmony and peace in your household and will strengthen that all important human-pet bond.

A well-trained puppy is a happy puppy, and a well-informed owner is a happy puppy owner ? what more could you want?

Keith Perrett is a qualified Veterinarian. Click Here to further investigate some Pet Training Resources

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