The Vets Examination Things to Expect When Visiting your Veterinarian

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The Vets Examination Things to Expect When Visiting your Veterinarian

by Brent Jones

Nobody likes surprises, so it's always nice to know what to expect when you take you're pet to the veterinarian. A good physical exam usually begins by weighing and recording so that a continuing record can be formed. An increase or decrease in weight can indicate a problem. Next, the temperature is taken, usually rectally with a normal temperature of 101 to 102.5 degrees for both dogs and cats.

Coat and skin are examined next as poor hair coat or skin can indicate a poor diet or dermatological infection. Coat should be shiny, not brittle and coarse, and the skin, clean and not greasy. While handling your pet, the bones, muscles, and joints, nails, feet, and lymph nodes are checked for any abnormalities. The chest, heart, and lungs are examined with a stethoscope, along with the rate and nature of respiration.

At the head, both ears are examined deep into the ear canal for infections. The visible eye structure and lids are examined and the interior of the eye is checked for cataract formation, and an examination of the mouth and throat for infected gums, loose teeth, tartar buildup on the teeth and any damage or swelling in the throat.

Lastly, at the rear, the anus, anal glands, prepuce/penis or vcalva are checked for any abnormalities, and the anal glands cleaned if they are compacted. During the examination the vet will usually ask the name of your pet's food and any other treats or vitamin supplements, along with any medication you may have given your pet.

A fecal sample will be taken for examination to check for intestinal parasites, such as hookworm and roundworm, and a blood test may be recommended if heartworm is suspected. No checkup would be complete without a flea and tick prevention/treatment with a choice as to who will administer the treatment, you or the vet. While the exam may sound involved and complicated, the entire process usually only takes about 30 minutes and guarantees your pet a healthier happier life.

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