The Wait Command Training For Your Dog

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The Wait Command Training For Your Dog

by Jason Beachy

You will find that the "Wait command will be a very useful command that you can teach your dog. If you are planning to work with your pet in a off-leash capability it will be especially important. It is a command that is actually a safety command. You can use the command to keep him from potential danger and to monitor them.

In times you will be in situations where you will to have your dog to be waiting for you but he will not have to be still. You could use the "Stay" command but it would not be the correct command to use in this situation. Some times you will be in a rush to do something or go somewhere. If you use the "Wait" command you will let him know that he can have what he wants but not this instant.

A dog lives for what is in the moment and to teach him how to "Wait" will add a very interesting dimension to their lives. It is very difficult for them to understand this concept. On a short term basis your dog will be able to understand the command "Wait". You will find that to teach him the "Wait" command it will be most effective to use your tone of voice. Using your tone of voice in dog training will be one of the most effective tools that you can use in training your dog. To properly respond to you your dog will need to understand your tone of voice.

This is how this training works. You will have to remember that your dog is a pack animal and you are his pack leader. He will be looking to you for approval and direction. When you are working with your dog and he does something that you respond in a slightly disapproving voice he will immediately stop because of your disapproving tone. What ever the situation may be that you use the "Wait" command you will want to say it in a firm but not angry tone. A dog that is properly trained will stop and look at you and this is when you will praise him in a pleasant tone while he waits. If he does not obey immediately you will want to repeat the command in a firmer tone of voice.

If you use the"Enough" command you will want your dog to discontinue what he is doing for now but when you use the "Wait" command you only want him to quit for the moment. If you want to go away and and your dog is waiting at the front door to go with you but it will be a few moments till you are ready to leave you will want to use the "Wait" command. He is anticipating leaving with you and when you are ready you will reward him with your approval for successfully obeying your command.

When you feed your dog you can use the "Wait" command. This will let you get out of the way before he gets to his food bowl. You can have him wait before you you leave on a walk or go up a flight of steps or to go through doorways. You will use the "Ok" command to let him continue his activity after he has properly executed the "Wait" command.

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