Things To Consider Before Buying A Puppy

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Puppy

by John Ng

Having a puppy is great ! Your kids want a puppy. All your neighbors have dogs. Its the great American Dream (for children, anyway) to have a dog like Lassie. However, if this is your first puppy, there are some things you must know before you commit to buying a dog. These are few guidelines that some of us may already know but most of the puppy and dog owner tend to overlooked it.

a) Dogs Take Time. Puppies Take More Time.

Having a puppy is like having a 2-year-old. Until they are taught and well trained(see #2), they need pretty much steady supervision to help them to grow properly. After they are trained, they still need supervision until they are getting older. Much older. So if you thin that you can't entertain them all day, you may want to consider two dogs, or a cat. Or puppy day care!

b) Puppies Require Training. And so do your children.

When I was growing up, we had a dog - for a while. It didn't work out because my parents didn't aware that puppies require training. We were a cat family - and you can pretty much ignore cats. Not so with dogs.

You will require some puppy lessons and probably more lessons when your puppy is mature. Dogs are not independent, and you must train them good behavior. With proper training and guidance, this is not difficult at all.

If you have children, they should take the lessons with their puppies so they can learn how to communicate with your new pet.

c) Puppies Cost Money. Lots of Money.

It may sounds not reasonable, but it's true ! You have to be ready to add your puppy into your budget. You will have many expenses, especially when you first get your new puppy. They want toys, bones, shots, registrations with the state, and don't overlook the food, dog houses, collars, clothes (no actually - its a big matter - you'll be tempted!) vet bills, and training (see #2).

Dogs are one of the most exclusive pets around. Most puppies are part of the family - and will cost you like part of the family. Don't go into this venture thoughts they're cheap.

d) Puppies Grow Into Dogs.

I know that's apparent - but you must to be certain you know how big your dog will be. If you have little children, your puppy may outweigh them within a year. Do the study and research so you know how big your cute little puppy will be when he's a dog.

If your pet is a assorted breed dog, look at the paws. Mostly, a puppy will grow into their paws.

e) Dogs Require Exercise.

And people require exercise - so this can actually be an benefit if handled correctly. Puppies require area to run and play.They enjoy interact and play with people, and they want toys to play with. If you lead a very inactive lifestyle, be certain you choose a dog breed that is low activity.

The bigger the dog, the more area and training they require. You will possibly want to bring your dog for a walk numerous times a week. Be certain and arrange that into your schedule now - or you may find your puppy running around the house all day without you.

Owning a dog can be a very great and pleasing experience - even if this is your first puppy. Your dog will become one of the family and be a faithful companion for life. Be ready for your new puppy, and it will be a great adventure for both of you.

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