Things You Need to Know When Considering a Doggy Day Care

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Things You Need to Know When Considering a Doggy Day Care

by Randy Jones

Is your dog home alone? Does your pup get excited as soon as you open the door? She probably does because she misses you; she?s lonely and wants companionship as well as physical and mental stimulation. Doggy day care may be your answer.

Doggie day cares work the same as human day cares, with a drop off and pickup time, with a safe and healthy interaction with other dogs and people in between. You should tour the facility checking for health conditions and how their staff interacts with the dogs, what type of training do the staff members get etc..

Other considerations; is there an outdoor play area, is it fenced, does the facility seem overcrowded? Are the dogs required to follow basic obedience commands, will the staff feed the dogs and when, will they allow you to brig your own food if needed, does the facility have its own veterinarian if needed in an emergency? Make a list of your own concerns and questions.

Costs of doggy day cares are typically $8.00 to $15.00 a day, but can be much higher based on location, facility, and the level of care given. In home daycares are usually cheaper, but provide only the most basic level of care and attention.

Day care centers may also be combined with boarding kennels, training kennels, and grooming spas. But no matter how basic or how excessive, they all require proof of current vaccinations, and good health, with some requiring a Veterinarians examination.

However, day care may not be appropriate for every dog, especially those that are aggressive or over protective. They must be able to interact with the other dogs and the staff of the facility. Most daycare providers are listed in your local phone book and newspaper classifieds, and most local dog clubs and associations and their members can give you a personal recommendation.

Lastly, after placing your dog in a day care environment, take not of his or her behavior. Is it better, worse, or unchanged? Better or unchanged are ok, but worse is a red flag. Bad habits can be learned quickly, and an unhappy experience can leave your dog depressed, more aggressive, or just plain miserable. Don?t hesitate to stop or change day cares when behaviors change.

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