Three Fun Tricks to Train Your Dog

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Three Fun Tricks to Train Your Dog

by Lynn Reynolds

You know you have the smartest dog on the block. Learn these three fun tricks to train your dog and
everyone else will agree with you.

1. Bow

Bow is a great trick to start with because it is fairly simple yet still manages to impress. Start with
getting your dog?s favorite treat. Hold the treat between your dog?s front paws while your dog is
standing. When she goes for the treat, move your hand back so that your dog has to look between
her legs. When she does this, she will naturally bow to keep her balance. Give her the treat and
repeat, saying ?bow? when she goes into the bow position. If your dog tries to lay down, you can put
your hand on her stomach to prevent this.

2. Speak

This classic command is usually simple to teach, especially if your dog already likes to bark. For this
command, decide on a hand signal. Some signals I?ve seen used include snapping your fingers then
holding up your index finger, a closed fist that twists, or opening and closing your thumb and fingers,
like a mouth. When you do this motion, tell your dog ?speak? at the same time. Eventually, your
dog will bark at you. When she does, reward and praise her. When she learns this command you
can try it with the hand signal only or the voice prompt only.

3. Wave

Just as in speak, decide on a hand signal to use. Make sure it isn?t too close to the hand signal you use
for other commands. Have your dog sit and sit down close next to him. Give the hand signal and
the ?wave? command. If your dog moves his paw, praise and reward. Most dogs will need to
be nudged at first to help them understand. Gently nudge his paw until he lifts it. When he does,
praise and reward.

Lynn loves all dogs, especially well-behaved ones.
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