Three Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

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Three Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

by Eric Hartwell

It is easy to think that finding the right bed for your dog is easy ? ?small dog, small bed;? ?large dog, large bed? ? ?larger dog, larger bed.? True, as a rule of thumb ? but there are a few things to consider.

Is your pet a puppy or is he fully grown?

If your dog is still small then your dog bed - which looks large now - will soon look much smaller! Dogs grow very quickly and it is better to buy a bigger bed now rather than do it later. In that way you will only have to buy one bed.

How does your dog sleep?

Does your dog stretch out while sleeping - long and thin? Or does he or she curl up into a smaller ball - more compact? This will determine the shape of the bed that you will buy as the shape of the bed should match, where possible, your dog's preferred sleeping posture. Some beds are rectangular-shaped and some are circular shaped.

Does your dog like to chew?

Some dogs gnaw and chew. It's in their nature. If you dog is a chewer then buy a bed that can withstand the trauma and that is safe for your do should he or she ingest any material. Make sure that the materials used for the bed comply with health and sanitary standards. It isn?t so much for your dogs but for small children as well ? especially toddlers who are in the stage of putting everything in their mouths.

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