Three Tips to Teach Your Dog Better Manners

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Three Tips to Teach Your Dog Better Manners

by Nathaniel Ehinger

Do you have a troublesome dog? Does your dog sometimes acts up or doesn?t know how to behave? Are you frustrated trying to teach your dog how to obey?

If your dog is disobedient, meaning does not listen to simple commands, it is going to take a lot of effort and patience on your part to teach the dog the right way to behave, but it can be done. First, you must assert yourself as the ?Pack Leader?. Dogs are pack animals and if you don?t assert yourself as the leader, they will think they are the leader. This does not require hitting the dog or being mean, simply being forceful and firm will do the trick.

Second, you must be consistent. You must realize the dog does not differentiate what you are wearing, how you are felling, or what places are ok. If you allow your dog to jump up on you in your jeans and t-shirts the dog will do it when you are in your dressier clothes as well, they don?t know the difference. If you allow your do on the ratty old couch in the basement, the dog is going to try and jump up on the bed or on the couch in the nice room that ?nobody is allowed to go in? as well.

Third, keep it simple. Keep your commands short, one or two words as much as possible, and when scolding or correcting, don?t use their name. You want them to like their name and respond to it, not think it is discipline or corrective action. Sit, stay, roll over, play dead, heel, lay down are all good short commands that any dog can and will learn with time and practice.

With these three tips, anyone can teach just about any dog how to behave better in and out of the house. Remember the biggest key is to not give up, stay consistent, and practice as much as possible so your dog gets used the commands being used and responds in kind. Good luck to all of you working with your dogs and trying to get them trained, having a dog who behaves is a great reward and makes them feel like more a part of the family.

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