Tips For Bathing Your Dog

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Tips For Bathing Your Dog

by F Terrence Markle

How many times have you given your dog a bath and actually enjoyed the experience? I would imagine it was seldom or few. Do you want to give your dog a bath and make it a pleasant experience or continue to experience frustration? I will take a wild guess and assume you are looking for a pleasant time with the dog bath. If you follow the these simple steps you will have a much better time with the dog bath.

1. Preparation for Dog Bath

You need to prepare properly for the dog bath or you are inviting bad things to happen. Have you ever forgotten something and had to leave your dog in the bathtub water to get it and came back to a disaster area? Water has been splashed all over the bathroom. What a mess! We have all been there and done that. You can prevent this potential disaster by putting everything you need for the dog bath in the bathroom or the dog wash area ahead of time.

The obvious things that you will need for the dog bath include the shampoo, conditioner, bath brushes and a lot of towels. When giving your dog a bath you should be able to reach any one of these items with your free hand while holding your dog in the bath water with your other hand. This way you don?t have to worry about leaving your dog alone in the water while you search and get some item your forgot. You don?t want to give your dog a chance to jump out of the water and commence to soak everything. This would be a potential disaster revisited!

2. Expect to Get Wet from Dog Bath

Even though it goes without saying I will say it anyway. You should expect to get wet and dirty. After all who?s taking a bath? You or the dog? Don?t wear any clothing that you care about or can be torn easily by your dog?s jerky movements. That old pair of raggedy jeans and t-shirt you only wear for painting are perfect. If you want to go all out then put on those swimming trunks that are just gathering dust in the bureau drawer. Be prepared for some splashing by your dog because that?s what it?s all about. Have some fun with your dog while you?re at it.

3. Get Dog to Outside Area After Bath

Be ready to get your dog outside when the bath is complete. Get the collar and leash on him before removing your dog from the water. Drape a big doggy towel over him and lead him outside immediately before he has a chance to shake it off. Everyone knows it is impossible to stop a dog from that eventual episode of shaking off water. Getting your dog outside quickly will help avoid the disaster inside. Of course you can avoid some of the items above if you just bathe your dog at an outside location. The previous advice is more appropriate to large dogs with a lot of hair.

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