Tips In Getting An Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Tips In Getting An Orthopedic Dog Bed

by Ethan Edison

Whether he's a puppy or an adult, playful or a lazybones, your dog needs good rest. Especially as your dog grows older and becomes more vulnerable to issues with his joints and bones, where and how he rests becomes increasingly important. In addition to that, a dog who was once able leap in and out of his bed can start become stressed and irrational if, due to health problems, he has lost some mobility. While there are several ways to deal with this issue, an orthopedic bed can take care of them and provide other benefits besides.

An orthopedic bed is simply one that has been made with some sort of "memory" material, that is, a soft cushioning substance that will cradle the joints and bones. The advantage is that as the weight of the dog's body sinks into the cushion, it is kept still. On a firmer, less elastic surface, the dog merely rests on top of the bed and his legs and body are more prone to moving and, if the dog has had some healthy issues, prone to re-injury. Conversely, an orthopedic dog bed will hold hurting body parts still and provide a more stable environment for the dog to heal.

An orthopedic bed is not for all dogs. When you purchase a puppy, for instance, you will want to spend some time looking at his sleep and play habits before trying to find out what bed will suit him the best. Find out what spots comfort him. Does he prefer an enclosed space or an open top? Orthopedic beds are actually more suitable for older dogs and are especially ideal for dogs that suffer from issues with their legs and hips, and for dogs that have developed arthritis. The benefits of the orthopedic bed in making these dogs comfortable and more able to rest, so they can restore some of their precious energy.

When the time comes to purchase an orthopedic bed for your beloved pet, there are a number of things to keep in mind. One is to determine the sturdiness of the bed. If your dog is larger (and remember that larger dogs are extremely prone to the early onset of bone and joint problems) you will want to test the bed for a sturdy base and frame. Make sure that the pad itself is made out of a strong material, because your dog will probably end up being quite hard on it.

A pet store is where you want to begin your search for a good orthopedic dog bed. Your local vet might be able to give you an idea who sells the best ones, have a recommendation, or even sell them herself! If you do not mind shopping for something sight-unseen, you will be able to find plenty of options online. There are many sizes and styles, just keep in mind that your dog will most likely be comfortable in a larger bed than a smaller one.

To keep your canine companion in top shape and to make him as comfortable as possible, watch him and keep in mind that if he seem uncomfortable and unable to sleep, there is definitely something you can do about it!

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