Tips On How To Potty Train A Puppy

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Tips On How To Potty Train A Puppy

by Gray Rollins

Getting a puppy is a wonderful decision for just about everyone. However getting a puppy also means that you will soon be taking on the task of having to potty train it. While potty training a puppy can seem like a rather rotten chore to take on. It really does not have to be as difficult as it often seems.

One of the most popular methods of house breaking a puppy is the crate training method. Like most all animals dogs will most like avoid soiling their homes or ?dens?. By giving them a dog crate to stay in when it is not possible to supervise them you are creating an artificial den for them. As this particular instinct is very strong in most all dogs, crate training is a hugely successful method to utilize when you are going to be potty training your puppy. Keep in mind that a puppy needs to be taken outside several times a day to be able to defecate and urinate for crate training to be truly effective.

If you catch your puppy trying to eliminate anywhere in your home you need to make a loud noise that will be enough to get their attention and make them stop what they are doing. Take them outside immediately and give them plenty of praise anytime that they successfully use the bathroom outside.

Generally puppies can control their bowels one hour for how old they are currently. For example if your puppy is six months old it should be able to hold its bowel movements for at least six hours before needing to eliminate. You should take your dog to the vet immediately if they cannot manage to hold their bowel movements for proper periods of time. For instance say your dog has reached one year of age and is only able to control its bowel movements for about an hour then it?s likely that your dog is having some type of medical problem.

Please remember that potty training your puppy can often be a long process. Try very hard to become discouraged should your puppy not take to your potty training methods right away. Negative training methods such as yelling at your puppy are rarely an effective manner in which to potty train your puppy. Positive reinforcements such as plenty of praise and petting when your puppy is doing well with it?s potty training is the best way to have a successfully house trained puppy.

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