Tips To Help Stop Your Dog Barking

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Tips To Help Stop Your Dog Barking

by Eric Hartwell

Regardless of the reason why your dog barks, there is a solution to make it stop. By doing so, you will be doing yourself and your neighbors a big favor.

First scenario, if you are away and your dog will be left at home then you should make sure that it has enough toys to preoccupy it. Your dog may get bored and may resort to barking, so make sure that it has something better to do than bark.

Second, reprimand your dog when it tries too hard to get your attention, and when it does the opposite by keeping quiet then take the time to give praise as well. Remember, your dog will understand your commands if you take the time to give out clear commands. So the next time you wave goodbye to your dog and it keeps on barking, try to discourage it by completely ignoring it.

Third, make sure that your dog has enough food and water at your home when you leave it. Aside from your dog being lonely whenever you go out, your dog may have no one to attend to its needs. This will cause it to bark. Also, you may actually train your dog to look for the food around the house by leaving a food trail.

As the clich? goes, if there?s a will there is definitely a way. Being creative in your approach also won?t hurt so go ahead and teach your dog to enjoy some peace and quiet.

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