Tips about Your Dogs Room and Personal Space

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Tips about Your Dogs Room and Personal Space

by Randy Jones

Regardless of where you live, your dog must always have its own private domain where it can feel at home. Find a quiet place for the dog to sleep. The location should be convenient for you and suitable for your pet. Make sure your dog feels comfortable there, and do not change the location afterwards.

An uncarpeted room, not too cold, with a floor that is easy to wash, is a good choice. A puppy must be well protected from draughts. Beware of cold air seeping in around doors and windows. A dog will automatically settle with its back against a wall, so arrange your pets spot next to a wall or in a corner but not too close to a radiator or heating vent because the dogs coat will dry out and become brittle.

The dogs place should be away from heavily traveled areas because the animal will probably need a lot of sleep, initially. But the dog should also be able to observe everyone?s comings and goings so it can start taking part in family life. Your pet can probably sleep comfortably in a crate lined with cushions, a towel or shredded newspaper. Large dogs generally just sleep on a blanket.

If your dog will weigh less than 30 pounds when fully grown, you can use a wicker basket lined with a soft, easily washable cushion. The main concern is to see that the animal is well insulated from the floor. Air the dogs bedding every day and clean it once a week. In summer, if your dog gets fleas or tics, treat the bedding with flea and tick powder or replace it completely.

You can put the dog?s two bowls ? one for food the other for water, near its bed. If the dog?s muzzle is pointed, use deep bowls, if its muzzle is blunt, shallow bowls are preferable. For a toy, give your dog a bone made of animal hide. It can cut its teeth safely, on the hide because even if it swallows a piece, the material is digestible. You may find that your dog will choose its own plaything; if so, make sure the choice is not an old shoe. This may encourage it to start chewing new shoes.

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