Tips for Raising Puppies

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Tips for Raising Puppies

by Dean Iggo

Raising puppies, though often rewarding, can be a great deal of work. When it comes to raising little pups in your home, you should keep in mind that it is a lot of work. To get you going, though, here area few tips on how to raise a good puppy. Keep these in mind through the housebreaking and training and you should have a happy and healthy dog at the end of the road.

Give Yourself Multiple Sources of Support

Raising puppies can be a real strain. In order to deal with the tough parts of the chores, put together a list of people who can act as a support system to you. They should be experienced dog people who can lend an ear, give you tips, or even tell you how to deal with situations. Whether it is a housetraining problem or simply yelping all night, support will be key in your puppy raising adventure.

Keep Plenty of Chew Treats Around

When raising puppies, you will soon realize that they are little chewing machines. They will chew anything in site if you let them. In order to keep the chewing under control, make sure you give your little munchers something to chew on that will keep them out of trouble. Try carrots, toys, ice cubes, or even tennis balls, but make sure you keep them away from your furniture.

There is a Way to Handle Duty

When raising puppies, you will find that it is pretty much impossible to housebreak them before 6 months of age. So when accidents occur, and they will occur, make sure you clean them up as soon as possible. Fresh puppy duty is much easier to clean and can also let you know about the health of the pups. You can see if parasites or foreign objects have found their way into the puppy?s system.

These are just a few of the simpler tips that can help you with how to raise puppies. Though there is much to keep in mind, you can get started by putting together your support group. From there, just make sure you are raising puppies with plenty of chew toys and an eye on cleaning duty early and often. Before you know it, you will have happy and healthy adult dogs.

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