Tips for Successful Puppy Dog Potty Training

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Tips for Successful Puppy Dog Potty Training

by Hunter Riley

Puppy dog potty training is the first thing that a new pet owner seems to want to do. No one wants to have urine smells in the house and the quicker you get your puppy potty trained the better. It is really not that difficult to train your puppy if you know the signs and are willing to take the time to train the dog correctly.

The first step in puppy dog potty training is to recognize the signs that the pet has to go. Normally the dog will you notice that it wants to go outside by sniffing or even scratching around the door. My dog typically hovers around the door annoyingly waiting for me to let her outside to go. Noticing signs such as these will make puppy dog potty training easy from the start.

If you the dog to continue to go outside then you have to heap praise on the pet during puppy dog potty training. Let the dog know that he has done the correct thing. Giving the dog a treat for accomplishing the mission properly is also a good incentive. Get the dog excited about going out. Lead him to the door and let him out. When he does his business properly heap tons of praise on him and give him a treat. He will soon connect the reward with going to the desired location for a potty break and will continue to do so.

The holy grail of training your dog to go is to have them use a doggy door. Puppy dog potty training requires the pet to take the initiative when they have to go sometimes. If you leave you dog home for long periods of time it is best that he knows he should go even when you are not there, assuming you have a doggy door. Otherwise, you will have to time your trips if the dog is left home so he does not make a mess. If he does then you need to let him know that was not correct and lead him outside. You will also need to make sure you do not leave the dog inside for too long without a break.

It is important to establish a schedule during puppy dog potty training. Obviously the dog will need to go out first thing in the morning. He will also need to go in the evening, so of the last thing you do before going to bed. Times in between can sort of be scheduled but normally you will have to watch the signs that the dog has to go.

During some puppy dog potty training you may find that it is necessary to stay with the pet while he does his business. They may feel some anxiety being separated from the owner. You do not want to rush the dog and get it all stressed out while he is trying to go. Sometimes walking the dog in the rain or cold is not pleasant but you need to try to remain calm and let the dog do its business with as little chaos as possible. Why? If it is not a good experience for the dog then they may decide just to find a nice quiet place to do its business in the comfort of your home.

When you first start puppy dog potty training you may also find your dog just sitting outside on the porch staring at goodness knows what or walking around acting like they do not know what to do. Going out with the dog will help him not be distracted and get the job done.

Hunter Riley enjoys his dog. He has trained numerous family dogs and has enjoyed each experience. Interested in finding out more about Puppy Dog Potty Training? Click here to visit our website.

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