Tips on Crate Training a Puppy

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Tips on Crate Training a Puppy

by Dean Iggo

Crate training a puppy can be valuable for a number of reasons. Being able to rest calmly in his crate is a skill that will serve your puppy well down the road. At the vet, when traveling, and if your puppy is ever ill and restricted on activities are times when a crate can really help your little pooch. In addition, a crate trained puppy is easier to teach rules to as well as train in other behaviors because he already knows how to understand what you want. Here are a few tips that may help you with the process of crate training a puppy.

How to Start

Crate training a puppy is about routine and rules. If you do it properly, there should actually be very few if any problems with the process. First of all, it is usually best to have the puppy spend time in the crate in your bedroom while you sleep. You can always start letting him out as he reaches adulthood, but for the purpose of crate training a puppy you should start with night time.

The Key To Success

Successfully crate training a puppy is about getting him to understand that when he is in the crate alone, nothing bad happens. In fact, good things may happen. He may get food in his crate or even some of his favorite toys. Never make the crate a punishment or somewhere the puppy has to go forcefully. Additionally, don?t put him in there when he is sleeping. If he wakes up suddenly confined, it can really create problems.

Make it a Pleasant Experience

Crate training a puppy is easier when the puppy finds the crate enjoyable. Make it a good place to take a rest, since puppies need plenty of sleep. Put a few of his safest chew toys in the crate along with a treat or two that will help him feel comfort and go sleep well. If your puppy enjoys the crate and can sleep there through the night, it will be better for you and him both.

Crate training a puppy is not hard, but it does take a little know how and a lot of patience. If, though, you take the time to follow the tips above and make the experience a good one for your puppy, you will find yourself with a dog that understands rules and offers you few behavior problems.

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