To Own a Dog or Not To Own a Dog This is the Big Question

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To Own a Dog or Not To Own a Dog This is the Big Question

by Connie Limon

So you are thinking about getting a puppy? Do you really want to own a dog? All your neighbors have dogs. If this is your first puppy, please review the following thoughts before you commit to buying a dog. In the end, however, I personally believe owning at least one dog is a benefit to every individual and/or family. You need to make your own decision, however, and do your research about which dog might be best for you. There is a vast amount of information on the internet that cost you only your monthly internet fee and your time to look over. Use the resources available to you and you should be able to make the right decision.

Dogs Require Time. Puppies Require More Time.

Having a puppy is like having a 2-year-old. Until they are trained, they require pretty much constant supervision. After they are trained, they still require supervision until they are older. If you can't entertain them all day, you may want to consider two dogs, a cat, or puppy day care.

Puppies Need Training.

You might want to invest in several puppy classes and possibly more classes when your puppy is grown. Dogs are not independent, and you need to teach them proper behavior. There are also 100?s of dog training programs and books you can find on the internet if you have the time to do the training yourself. If you do have the time, this is much better for the bonding and relationship with your new friend.

If you have children, they need to take the classes with their puppies so they can learn how to interact with your new pet. This is true also is you do the training yourself. Involve your children in the training sessions.

Puppies Are an Extra Expense

You need to add the puppy expenses into your budget. They need toys, bones, food, a housebreaking crate, a separate sleeping dog bed, soft blankets, a collar and leash and clothes. Your individual puppy expenses will depend upon your desires. You can spend a little money or you can spend lots and lots of money on your new puppy. It all depends on your budget and your desires. Puppies are a lot of fun and having the extras can make having puppies even more fun!

Puppies Grow Into Dogs.

I know that's obvious - but you need to be sure you know how big your dog will be. If you have young children, your puppy may outweigh them within a year. Do the research so you know how big your cute little puppy will be when he's a dog. Will he fit into your home and lifestyle? So many people today are attracted to the Toy Breed puppies just because they are still quite small as adults and take up less space in a home. They also eat less. Most Toy Breed dogs do quite well on one serving of about ? cup of dog food per day as adults. If you go for the larger breeds, you will probably be looking at 2 to 3 cups of dog food a day.

Dogs Need Exercise.

And people need exercise - so this can actually be an advantage if handled properly. Puppies need room to run and play. They need people to play with, and they need toys to play with. If you lead a very sedentary lifestyle, be sure you pick a dog breed that is low activity. If you are thinking about starting a walking routine, a dog to take along can be perfect company. Taking your dog on your walks can be an incentive to keep walking and exercising for your own good health.

The larger the dog, the more room and exercise they need. You will probably need to walk your dog several times a week. Be sure and plan that into your schedule now - or you may find your puppy running around the house all day without you. One thing for certain is all dogs need exercise. The larger the breed, the more exercise they will require. The Toy Breed dogs will require less exercise and can survive quite nicely on ? hour walks three to five times per week just want is appropriate for you.

In Conclusion

A dog can be a very rewarding experience - even if this is your first puppy. Your dog will become a family member and be a faithful companion for life. Be prepared for your new puppy, and it will be a great adventure for both of you. Many single and elderly people are finding that owning a dog is much better for their health than not owning dogs. Studies have shown people who own pets actually enjoy better health and live longer.

So??..don?t worry too much about the extra expenses or what could happen to your dog that would cause you to have pay this and that in a vet bill. Chances are, regardless of your budget, you can afford at least one dog or maybe even two dogs. And?.chances is you will be much better off with pets than without them.

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