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To Train A Pet Dog

by William Berg

A pet dog might not need to be as well trained as a service or hunting dog must be but it is still good to train your pet dog to obey some basic commands. This will make both yours and your dogs life easier. Training the dog will not only make it more obedient but also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. A dog is happier if it knows it place in the pack and feel that it is contributing.

One of the most important things when training a pet dog is to have fun. The dog will sense if you are bored and think that it is a burden. You should therefore never train your dog when you don't feel like it. All types of pet dog training can be performed as a game and your dog will appreciate the training more and learn more if it is.

Training your pet dog is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. This is not only because you will spend a lot of time together having fun. It is also because the dog learns to understand what you want and because you learn to interpret the dog's signals and understand the dog better. You'll learn to see if your dog is happy, sad or bored.

The training is also a prefect opportunity to assert alpha status over the dog making it understand that it has to obey you. An example is if the dog bites or uses it teeth during the training. If it does you should end the training regardless of whether the bite hurt or not. This way the dog learns not to bite and that you decide when and if you play/train. Training the dog not to bite is important for obvious reasons.

Another thing that every dog should learn is to come when you call for it. An easy way to teach a dog this is to start when it is a young puppy by calling for it when it is only a few meters away from you and rewarding it whit praise and treats when it understands. Make sure to choose a good call signal for your dog. The dogs name is not suitable unless combined with another word like "here" since the dog will hear it a lot even when it is not supposed to come.

It is also good to learn the dog a few other things like "quite", "let go" and "stop" since these simple commandos are of everyday use. Other commands such as roll over are cute but usually not of everyday use.

Remember that it takes patience and interest to train a dog and that you can teach old dogs new tricks.

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