Toilet Training Your Dog

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Toilet Training Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Potty training your pet can be an easy job if done with the right amount of dedication and patience. A total commitment will be needed from your side to succeed in teaching your dog the appropriate place to pee and poop. Similarly, you need to bear in mind that your pet may take a long time to learn things. So, you will need to be patient and tolerant in case of your pet?s accidents and mistakes.

One method to potty train your dog is to set up a routine of going for walks ? morning and evening. Encourage your dog to urinate and defecate during such walks. You will also have to show your dog the appropriate place to do pee and poop. If not, you may end up receiving complaints from your neighbours or end up messing your own garden. Do not forget to praise your pet, when he urinates at the designated place. Words of encouragement will go a long way in potty training your dog. At the same time, a mild punishment is also necessary, when your pet makes an error. However, do not hit your pet, a few angry words should do the trick. Your dog may experience nervousness too, as you potty train him.

Another secret of successfully training your pet dog is to praise him whenever he does the right thing. At the same time, you need to remember that occasional accidents will occur. You will have be tolerant enough at such times and ensure that you do not shout back at your dog. Physical forms of punishment also needs to be avoided at any cost. All you need to do is communicate in a firm yet friendly manner with your dog. Sooner or later, your pet dog will certainly understand and always pee and poop at the appropriate place. Repeating the process time and again will help your dog understand the right way and place to eliminate his body wastes. Positive reinforcement will certainly result in effective potty training of your dog and leave your house stink - free!

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