Top Reasons For Problem Health Dog Care

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Top Reasons For Problem Health Dog Care

by Judy Wellsworth

Dogs make wonderful companions and in some cases, great watch dogs. With problem health dog, you need knowledge and common sense. If your dog is sick, you can determine the problem and take every measure to correct the health problem or request the help of a vet. Dogs live outside and inside accounting for the many different health problems that can arise in these different circumstances.

Keeping your dog in perfect health and protected from bacterial, fungal and viral infections is your responsibility. The number one need of the dog is regular vaccines and proper care. Dogs need vaccines against rabies, parvo and distemper. Dogs also need to be checked yearly for heartworm, which can cause death to the dog if not properly prevented. Keep in mind that rabies vaccinations are given every two years and distemper vaccinations are received yearly.

There are some misunderstandings about the problem of health dog care in today?s society. Without the proper understanding of the dog?s health, people tend to think a dog needs no care at all. Learn the top reasons why this is not true.

Fight against Rabies and Distemper Vaccines work to stimulate the immune system in other to fight against the virus if the dog is exposed to such a virus. The dead rabies virus is given as a vaccination and the body considers it a foreign body, thus building antibodies to fight against it. If the dog is ever bitten or infected by another animal that has the virus, the body now has enough antibodies to fight the virus, therefore your precious companion does not fall victim to a fatal virus.

Distemper vaccines vaccinate against this virus, by building up the immune system against such an infectious disease. The main objective for this vaccine is preventing the animal from undergoing painful and even death if they contract the virus. Yes, some animals do survive the virus even when not vaccinated, but the pain and expense falls on you.

Problem Health Dog- Are Vaccines Safe The virus no longer has the capability to produce, as the injected virus is no longer a live virus. Many improvements made to ensure your dog?s health have dog and cat owners at ease and their health remains intact even after receiving the vaccination.

In some cases, reactions may develop with a fever, muscle aches and pain or dry heaves. Although, mostly puppies and toy dogs suffer this health problem, other dog and older dogs can also have a reaction although rare. Your vet can give an antihistamine at the same time as the vaccine to prevent a reaction if your dog has had one before. With all the problem health dog issues, you can rest easy when taking your dog to the vet for a vaccination, which is required yearly for distemper and every two years for rabies. Talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns regarding the vaccines and any possible problems.

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