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Train Dog Not To Bark

by Mikee Dunn

Like many pet owners, I had a huge problem with my dogs: they would always bark! I really needed to find out how to train a dog not to bark, and I found some interesting results.

First of all, you must know the reason why your dog is barking before you figure out a cure. Dogs are like babies in the fact that they will bark (or cry in a babies case) when they are hungry, thirsty, need to defecate or just bored. If it is a case of the first three then there is a simple solution: feed them, give them water or let them outside.

It?s that last one though that is difficult to cure: boredom. Many pet owners work during the day, leaving their pets behind at home for 8-12 hours a day. If the dog is not house trained then it will probably tear apart furniture. If it is trained then it will most likely bark looking for attention. Some will bark because they see something out the window and want to get it but cant. Others bark because they are just hyperactive and can?t help it. If the dog is left at home all day long, a good thing to do would be to shut all the blinds and curtains, to make sure that the dog isn?t barking at birds out the window or children coming home from school. Also, leave the radio or the TV on at a low volume. Chances are that Elmo and friends will give your dog that temporary companionship that you can?t give while at work. Also, don?t be one of those owners who calls home while at work and leaves messages for the dog to listen to. Yes, it?s lonely, but hearing your voice coming out of a weird box in the counter will only make things worse. The dog could literally stand there all day barking at the answering machine until you come home.

And then of course there are what the professionals call ?reactive barkers.? These dogs will bark at anything and everything. If the doorbell rings, it barks. If you sit down on a chair, it barks. If you take a hat off, it barks. This means your dog might actually have a problem that only a veterinarian can diagnose and solve.

Remember that you do not have to live with barking anymore. You too can train dog not to bark with just a little bit of patience.

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