Train Your Dog Even When You Do Not Have Time

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Train Your Dog Even When You Do Not Have Time

by Kelly Seylar

Bun-Gee Pup-EE The Expandable Dog Leash is a first step training tool and one of the more fun and functionally designed products to appear on the market today. Just as important, the Bun-Gee Pup-EE goes a long way when controlling your excited pup. Sound interesting? You bet! It?s the best new concept in dog leashes! As you encounter your dog?s pull, the Bun-Gee Pup-EE leash stretches just a little but enough to absorb the resistance your pet experiences and helps teach them not to pull, helping you to train your dog! Sometimes you don?t even realize the pain your current dog leash is inflicting on you and your pets. The main function of the Bun-Gee Pup-EE is to absorb the shock of a tug or pull relieving the tension from your dog?s neck. Made from durable, fabric-covered shock cord, ?Bun-Gee Pup-EE? The Expandable Dog Leash extends in a fashion that makes your walks fun.

Bun-Gee pup-EE has been sold for the past 10 years and is used by organizations such as The Guide-Dogs or the Blind UK and the Houston Humane Society of Houston. The reason the bungee leash was invented was to prevent injuries to both the owner and the dog. However, after users of use pet owners claimed that the leash actually trained their dog not to pull. After much consultation and study it was found that if we were to stretch the leash and hold it for several minutes our muscles would be come sore and we would not continue to stretch the leash. The same is found with your pup and that is why the Bun-Gee Pup-EE is called a "1st Step Training Tool" So don?t let your dog walk you, use a Bun-Gee Pup-EE and see for yourself!

Kelly Seylar has been taught to help train dogs by dog trainers from around the world. The Bun-Gee Pup-EE Leash is to be used to help assist you in your dog training efforts, but should not be your only method of training. Visit to find out more.

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