Train Your Dog To Behave Properly

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Train Your Dog To Behave Properly

by Eric Hartwell

The Preferred Choice of Pet

Dogs are usually the first choice of pets in any household. It is very easy to understand why. Dogs are very intelligent animals, and they can be trained to do more than just simply play with the family members.

Teaching dogs how to behave requires time and effort. But if done properly, owners are assured that their pets behave accordingly in certain situations. Misbehaving pets are not exactly likeable and may even cause harm to unaware visitors. It is good if a pet dog learns to behave when visitors are around.

Advantages in Teaching Dogs How to Behave

Teaching a pet dog to behave appropriately and on command will create a stronger bond between the owner and his pet. The time they spend on practicing together will help in teaching the dog get used to his master?s commands. At the same time, both of them get the chance to learn more about each other?s behaviors and nuances.

There are a lot of things an owner could teach their dogs. If the owner wants them to have a less stressful and more manageable relationship, it would certainly work out to each one?s advantage. For example, the owner can simply call his dog and order it to keep still while trimming the dog?s nails instead of holding your dog down just to trim its nails, less effort from you and less likelihood of injuring your dog. It is also helpful to teach dogs how to stay still when they are being given a bath.

It will not be a first if news comes around that a pet dog bit a passerby without provocation or a dog can?t seem to stop barking at a cat who was trying to get past the door. This can be a sign of an ignored pet. Putting a muzzle on them or a leash can be harmful, and it seldom works. The owner should take the time out to give the pet the much called-for attention they have been craving for. Playing Frisbee with the entire family and the pet as another player would make the activity more exciting for everyone and is good for a very energetic pet.

Imagine getting the newspaper without it first getting ripped. Imagine a behaved dog when a boss or a client and his wife dropped by for a visit or a business call. Imagine feeling safe knowing that your dog won?t eat anything that might be poisoned that a stranger gave him to gain access to your house. These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of having a well-behaved and disciplined dog in the house.

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