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Train Your Dog to do Tricks

by Michael Russell

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Of course you can! It's easier to teach a younger dog of course, because he's not so set in his ways and is open to new things, but just about any dog can learn some new tricks! It's not too hard to teach your dog and its fun! People love to see dogs perform tricks on command. It's just plain amusing! And of course the dog is having lots of fun too!

You first need to know that your dog is in good health before you start trick training. For example, its probably not a good idea to try to teach an overweight dog to sit up. He may hurt the muscles in his back, or even hurt his spine! Also, you will need to invest in a chain slip collar and a six foot leather leash. Do not use a chain leash, as these can cut into your hand. Your puppy or dog should know his name, will come to you on command and know how to sit and stay. We will concern ourselves with several easy tricks here.

A common and probably best known dog trick is to sit up or beg. A young puppy shouldn't be taught this trick because his back muscles are still not developed. Wait until the puppy is at least eight months old. It's easier to teach this trick in a corner. Tell your dog to sit and stay with his back close to the corner. Have his leash and collar on in case he tries to run away. Make sure the leash is loose and then step on it to restrain him. Lift his forelegs up with your hands, give the command sit up or beg and then rest his forelegs on your left arm or in your hand and hold a favorite tasty tidbit above his nose with your other hand.

The corner walls will help him stay straight. Reward him with the tidbit and the repeat the exercise several times. When you think he's ready, repeat the exercise, but take your left arm or hand away while still holding the treat above his nose and repeating the command. Soon he will be sitting up without your help! Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Pretty soon you'll be able to have him begging in the middle of the floor!

Another easy trick is shake hands. Have your dog sit and stay with his collar and leash on and have a tasty treat. With your right hand, pick up his right foreleg and give him the command shake, while shaking his foreleg. Then give him the treat and lots of praise. Pretty soon, all you will have to do is give the command shake, hold out your hand and he'll automatically do the trick! Most dogs seem to enjoy giving their paw to their owners and they usually catch on quickly. After he learns to shake his right paw, teach him shake with the left paw the same way using the command other one. This is a fun and easy trick.

Another great trick is teaching your dog to speak. This is easy to teach younger puppies since they like to bark. When your puppy barks, encourage him by giving the command speak several times as he's barking and reward him with a treat and praise. Repeat this every time your puppy barks. Soon he will be speaking on command! An older dog may be encouraged to bark by having someone knock on the door or ring the doorbell. When the dog barks, use the same training technique as for puppies. He should catch on soon.

These simple tricks are pretty easy to teach your dog and you will get a lot of satisfaction when he learns them and you show him off to your friends and family. Why not get out the collar and leash, some treats and start teaching your dog today? It's a lot of fun!

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