Train Your Run Away Dog

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Train Your Run Away Dog

by Kristy Venditti

We have all had a dog in our time that likes to run away. You call to them and the just keep on going. It seems as though they can not hear you, so you yell their name even louder. As you watch them disappear in the distance, you wonder if they will ever come back. Sure they will, they know who feeds them and takes care of them. Surprise, dogs do not think like their masters. It would be a hole lot easier if they did. After hours of them being gone you panic and decide it is time to go look for your most trusted friend.

You start off walking and calling their name, you hear nothing in return. Time passes and you begin to panic. You get in your car and spend countless hours searching for them. If I ever find that dog again I will never let him out with out a leash. I will not go through this again. Hurray he finally comes back home. You are so happy that he is not hurt and then you begin to tell him, do not ever do this again. I was so angry at you for not listening to me. Once again your K9 friend does not think like his master and has no idea of what you are telling him. Follow these 3 easy tips to get your dog to return when you call him.

Start out with him tied out, call his name and when he comes to you show him love, attention and give him a treat. Now begin to play with him and have some quality time. This is what your dog will listen to. After a few days of doing this which will take you a whole lot less time than chasing after him when he runs away. Be patient. Now it is time to take him off the leash and continue to follow these 3 easy tips and you will be on your way to having the returning dog you have always wanted. Remember to be considerate to your dog. This is something he has been doing for awhile so give him the opportunity to fail once in awhile but encourage for more happy times enjoying your dog instead of searching for him. So get started today and love your friend.

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