Training A Dog Not To Jump On People

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Training A Dog Not To Jump On People

by Anthony Lee

If you want your dog not to develop the habit of jumping on people, it is advisable that it is subjected to puppy training. A puppy as young as a week old can already be subjected to training.

A pet owner should make an outline of a dog behavior program to stop from constantly jumping on people. Try to determine if the dog is getting mixed signals from its behaviour.

If the dog jumps and it is given a pat, hug or even a treat, the animal will get the idea that this action is good and will always lead to rewards.

The first thing to do is stop giving rewards or show positive gestures when the dog is jumping. The training program should make sure that the dog would not get confused on what it needs to learn.

The basic command in addressing jumping behaviour is teaching the dog to sit and stay.

In this early part of the program, walk towards the back door from the front door. Order the dog to sit-stay when you do this in order for it to get the idea it should be behaved when you enter or exit the doors. Get other family members to participate in the program.

Tell them to walk the same route but they should first order the dog to sit-stay before the door is opened. The dog will have a hard time to not be excited so it is best that the routine is repeated over and over again for it to be properly trained.

Dogs, especially puppies, are impressionable but will become abusive if they are constantly given excessive special attention. Pet owners should never give a dog the right to act dominantly even it is cute and cuddly.

Take note that puppies are quick learners. What should be avoided is hitting or giving the dog harsh reprimands if it commits a mistake.

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