Training A Puppy Vs Training An Adult Dog Is One Easier Than The Other

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Training A Puppy Vs Training An Adult Dog Is One Easier Than The Other

by Gray Rollins

Dogs are some of the most popular choices for pets all across the world. Puppies are so much fun to watch as they are learning new things and adult dogs are an excellent choice for those that lead busy lives and may not have the appropriate time available to devote to taking proper care of a puppy. Now when trying to decide on whether to get a puppy or an adult dog there is a debate as to which one would be easier to train.

There are many people that are under then assumption that a young puppy cannot be trained. This is not true at all as a young puppy can actually be quite easily trained if the training it is receiving is done properly. Purchasing things that your puppy is going to need such as food and water dishes, a collar and leash and a dog crate is the first step in the right direction for being able to properly train your puppy. In addition before you begin training your puppy you and your family all need to agree on the puppy?s routine as all dogs no matter what their age need this in order for training to be successful.

Puppies are very eager to learn and it is best that training involve nothing but positive reinforcements. You never want to hit a puppy of yell at them in a truly harsh tone of voice. The damage either act can do can be very hard to repair. You should reward your puppy with things like puppy treats and praises when they are doing something right. Getting your puppy out for socialization is also integral in being successful in training your puppy.

Training an adult dog can be another adventure all together. The statement ?You can? t teach and old dog new tricks? can often have a thread of truth in this situation. There is no need to be discouraged though. As many older dogs have already had some degree of training with their old owner it can be hard to train them to get them to learn the rules of your home. That is not to say that it is an impossible task to accomplish. In some ways training an adult dog can be easier then a puppy just because it already has some basic knowledge of things like being housebroken so really all you would need to work on is changing some behavioral patterns. As with puppies offering plenty of positive reinforcements will be the easiest way to train a dog as all dogs crave positive attention.

There are positives and negatives about training both puppies as well as adult dogs. You really need to pay attention to your lifestyle and how much time you have available to devote to the training of a dog and that will give you the best idea of what will be easier for you.

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