Training Dogs How To Raise A Pet Dog

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Training Dogs How To Raise A Pet Dog

by Javier Fuller

Bringing a dog home is just the beginning of the process of converting a predominantly wild animal into a pet. Dogs came from wolves and all dogs therefore carry a little bit of wolf in them. They are quite docile and can easily be turned into a faithful and dependable pet but that needs a little bit of patience and a considerable amount of tact.

The first thing you must do after bringing a little pet home is to take it to a vet for a thorough check up. If he has any health complication, it could be detected early and treated forthwith. Second comes an anti-rabies inoculation to keep him protected against rabies and all those who accidentally get a scratch from his teeth. Besides the fact of course that the stray intruder who might get to sample a dog bite for accidentally or deliberately being where he or she is not supposed to be!

Once these two things are taken care of, a pet owner must find as to what has been the dog's particular lifestyle-- whether he is an active kind or a simple, docile one; whether he needs to exercise strenuously or can do with an occasional walk. It is important because dogs are quite sensitive to abrupt sea changes in their lifestyles and may not take well to it. So, be a bit careful about it.

Three things you must ensure on daily basis that the dog gets optimum amount of nutritious foods, gets to drink fresh and clean water and exercises. If your dog is the one with long hair, he needs regular baths to keep himself clean and disease free.

Then comes training. An untrained dog can really be a bad pet. You must be careful while training that you teach him the right commands to obey without being too harsh on him. At the same time one must not be too light, for that could make the dog take training less seriously than he should.

Dogs learn to obey easily and they are easy to train because of their natural urge to please the owner. Be affectionate to your dog at all the times, for nothing works better than strenuous training mixed with a little bit of love. That's the magic potion that fails almost never.

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