Training Your Dog Behavior And Tricks

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Training Your Dog Behavior And Tricks

by Pam Mitchell

I have had many dogs in my life time and one thing I can day is true is that a dog that is not trained is hard to keep. It is extremely frustrating when you own a dog and they are not well behaved, they are not house trained and they don;t know any tricks. You can't let them inside because they will make a mess by getting into everything and anything they can get into and they will defecate on your floor.

When I was young my parents never had the time to train our dogs. My siblings and I weren't quite sure how to train our dogs. We taught them a few basic tricks that they would perform once in a while if they felt like they wanted a treat, but that was the extent of their performance. We weren't quite sure how to house train our dogs so they stayed outside most of the time. The outside made them a little more wild than if they would have been kept inside. They started running away for a few days once in a while. Eventually they would run away for longer and longer periods of time and eventually they ran away and never came back. This is the reason why I decided to train the dog I have now.

Dog training is truly fantastic. It's amazing that you can get a puppy that doesn't have any behaviour training and "relieves" themself anywhere they want to having a dog that is so well behaved that not only can they do tricks, but they can make your life easier. For example if I want to sit down and relax after a hard day and I can't find the remote, I trained my dog so that he will bring me the remote if I am to lazy to find it. It also feels good having a dog that doesn't run up to people, bark and scare them when we go on walks.

I highly recommend taking the time to train your dog. With all the online books about dog training, it's really not that difficult and does not take a lot of time and effort. Plus it is great having a dog that knows how to behave themselves and can come inside your house without you having to worry.

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