Training Your Dog Is Important For You And Your Family

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Training Your Dog Is Important For You And Your Family

by Gary Burton

If you own a dog, then you probably already realize how important it is for your dog to interact in a friendly way with other dogs and people. Dogs might instinctively know how to bark or dig a hole, but they have to learn appropriate behaviors to fit into the human world.

So one of the first things you should do when you bring your new dog home is start the training process. Now only will this make the dog a much better behaved addition to your household, you can also have friends and family over without having to worry about what could go wrong.

There are a number of ways to learn about training your dog. There are plenty of good books that contain helpful techniques. You can also buy dog training DVDs if you learn best by watching. Or if you really feel you need expert help, you can attend dog training classes.

The priority when training your dog is to establish that you're the leader. Dogs are used to being in a pack hierarchy, and they want to look to your as the leader so they know how to behave. With dogs that are badly behaved or disobedient, it's often a case that their owner isn't strong enough. The dog has taken the position as pack leader.

If you find that training your dog isn't working, then you might need to change your methods. Perhaps get some different ideas from another book or DVD. Or, if you're really struggling, a dog training school may be the answer. There are even professional dog trainers who can work one on one with your dog to at least begin the process of training your dog. In rare cases, there may be a medical issue, so it may be worth asking your vet a few questions on your next visit.

A loving, well behaved dog is definitely man's best friend, but a disobedient, badly behaved dog can make life very unpleasant. So get started training your dog straight away, and you'll be glad you did.

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