Training Your Dog The Right Way

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Training Your Dog The Right Way

by Eric Hartwell

We have dogs in our homes for a variety of reasons. We probably have one because you and your kids enjoy a dog?s company or we need a dog to watch over the home. Irregardless of the reason, dogs can sometimes be a pain in the ass especially if they are not properly trained. They can cause problems especially if they don?t obey or better yet understand the commands that we may be giving them. What?s worse is if they disturb our neighbors and we can?t seem to control them. It is important that if we would decide to train our dogs ourselves because we cannot afford the cost that a dog trainer would entail, that we do the right method in order to prevent dog behavior problems in the future.

Don?ts you need to bear in mind

It is important that when you start training your dog you are not in an angry or upset mood. If it is your dog that has caused such an emotion, it is best that you start your training some other time when your mind has cooled down. The tendency here would be for you to easily get irritated and punishing your dog in case he doesn?t get what you are trying to get to him. We don?t want our dogs to be afraid of us. Instead all we want is just to establish our authority over them and gain their respect. It is essential that you communicate with your dog and to correct bad behavior instead of punishing him for it. When you also punish your dog especially after he committed the behavior and not while you caught him doing the act right then and there, would create confusion on his part as he would wonder which particular action that he did was unacceptable for you.

Getting your dog to come when called

It gives us that great feeling when we call our dogs and they immediately respond to our call. To get your dog to come when being called at, you need to build recall and choosing a cue word for this would be helpful. Most people would usually use the name of the dog with the cue word ?come? to call upon the dog. You need to do this repetitively and in varying distances with various distractions to ensure that your dog knows when and when not to come. It is helpful that you do not do something that your dog would dislike every time that you would call him to come like maybe trimming his nails or giving him a bath when you are still training him for this. If your dog performs well, praise him for a job well done by giving him a treat or giving him a hug or a pat especially when you are still in the early stages of training. Repeat the command until he complies and give him a treat for every positive feedback. This is good start and from here you could move on to giving basic commands like sit, down, beg, roll over and others.

Training your dog is not an overnight thing and it takes a lot of patience and effort on your part. As long as you?re persistent and consistent with your training, your dog will always be on its best behavior.

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