Training Your Dog To Have Good Leash Manners

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Training Your Dog To Have Good Leash Manners

by Damien Oh

Taking your dog for a walk can be very enjoying ? if he knows his leash manners.

A common problem many dog owners face is the dog not following its owner. He is either walking ahead, lagging behind or need to be dragged away from a patch of grass he is intent on sniffing. These are classified as poor leash manners and proper training must be given to prevent any accidents from happening in the future.

Training to heel

Use the command ?heel? to train the dog to return to your heel position. When your dog is in the required position, issue the command ?heel? so he learns the word by association. Reward him lavishly so the dog learns that this position is a pleasant one.

If your dog tends to walk in front of you or pull,

  • Stop your movement and hold on tight to the leash. He will no doubt look back at you in surprise.
  • Issue the command ?heel? to guide him back the required position
  • Reward him by praising or giving treats
  • Begin walking again. Repeat the exercise if he walks in front again.

If your dog frequently lags behind, it could be due to:

1. You are walking too fast

2. He?s occupied with sniffing the ground and marking his territory

In the first case, slow down your pace. Old dogs often find it difficult to maintain a brisk pace.

In the second case, you must be firmer with your dog and not allow him to ?train? you to stop whenever he feels like it. Use a treat or toy to keep his attention on you and encourage him to keep up, or simply insist that he remain at heel.

With a good leash manner, both you and your dog are better prepared for situations such as road crossing. Always keep his attention on you and never ever let him ?train? you.

Damien Oh has been a dog lover since he was young. With over 10 years of experience dealing with dogs, he has come up with a set of effective training technique for all his dogs. He shares all his knowledge on his website with fellow dog lovers all over the world and receives many compliments. Check out his website and make his knowledge yours.

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