Training a Gun Dog

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Training a Gun Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Many people enjoy hunting for birds and in hunting it is important for you to have a dog that would help you point as well as retrieve the bird that is being hunted upon. Producing a dog that is trained to hunt is not at all an easy task and may require some ample time before the dog is very much ready to go into the wild with its master to begin a hunting session. In most instances, it takes a lot of training sessions, specific and specialized equipment for training as well as on hunt training during hunting seasons.

Basic obedience?

Before you go on training your dog to become a good retriever during hunts, it is very important for your dog to know basic obedience skills like sitting, coming when called upon, being quiet, staying and the like to ensure that he obeys your commands and that he knows how to control his behavior. A hunt is often spoiled or ruined by a rowdy or unmanageable dog that scares the geese or a dog that may run off quickly from a blind putting at risk a shot that could lead to a shooting disaster.

The needed equipment in training?

When you are ready to train your retriever for hunting there are several equipments necessary to ensure a good training and to obtain positive results. A foremost need would be a rope made of polypropylene measuring at about 30 feet more or less. The rope would be utilized to help the trainer control the dog during training and hunting exercises. With the rope, it wouldn?t be necessary for you to pursue after your dog and correct it if it strays during the exercise.

A gun is also necessary during training to get your dog used to the sound of gunfire. Most dogs fear very loud noises like gun shots. A handgun would be advisable over a shot gun. A shot gun is quite bulky for you to carry around especially since you will be hauling with you other training equipments plus controlling the lead line. You will also need dummies or what they call training bumpers to teach your dog to fetch. These come in a variety of colors depending on the training exercise you will be performing with your dog.

A whistle is also very important to call your dog?s attention. Quite often, your voice may barely be audible for your dog to hear especially if he has already covered quite a distance from you. A whistle produces a loud and distinct sound that could alert your dog to return back to you and not to pursue the search for the fowl any longer.

You would also need some help from someone to toss bumpers into the air as a simulation of falling birds. If you will be by yourself during the training, you may opt to utilize bird launchers instead.

Available also are dog collars used for training that administer a very mild electric shock to your dog. The advantage this offers is that it allows immediate correction of a wrong action or when your dog fails to responds to your commands.

In training your dogs for hunting, learn from people who are experts in this field. You can find a lot of sources online as well as detailed instructional videos that could help you with this task.

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