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Treat Dogs As Your Own

by Joanne Delos Reyes

We?ve had them as pets since time immemorial, even as companions. I remember myself having Noche Buena or that Christmas Eve dinner together with my favorite dog. We shared hearty laughs and sumptuous meals together. Too bad for my sister, she?s sleeping.

Let me share you some tips and pointers on how to pamper those four-footed loyal species.

My dog loves small treats and whenever she?s done eating her meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner; I always have something for her. By the way, her name is Maui, a mini pinscher. Lately, she craves biscuits with a dash of sugar and veggies.

I would bring her to the grocery and let her sniff different packs of treats. I once had cookies with choco chips, lamb biscuits and a chewbone with tutti frutti flavors. I had it placed in front of other doggie treats selections while I brought her at the other end of the aisle to let her senses guide her into the right choice.

Upon standing up, she headed frantically to the fruity flavor and lamb biscuits. She practically slid down and laid down on them like a spinning bowling ball and toppling pins.

We would always do the same thing over and over again except for her meal which is lamb and rice. This way, we can have fun together almost everywhere. She once grabbed a bag of chocolates for my nephews and though its light on the pocket, the quality was there. It was sweet, my nephews love it!

Aside from doggie treats, you can have your dogs groomed at salons. Who said that humans are the only ones who has the right to be groomed and look at their best even on an ordinary day?

Salons nowadays give dogs the luxury to be masters. To be the one in command, the one to be pampered and cared for. A quick warm bath is given to dogs. They are given massages on the back, the torso and the legs. Massages give dogs the relief over tensions and agitations from everyday life. They can be nervous at times especially with unknown visitors who frequent the house.

After scrubs and shampoo, our paw friends will head straight into the drying area and still being given those occasional tummy rubs and back rubs. Their ears will be cleaned as well as their nose. Just about every nook and cranny will be scrutinized in their body. Wouldn?t you love to have your dog be thoroughly cleaned before heading back to home?

Nails are trimmed. The same goes for their hair if their coats are long enough to be shagged. They can even have their nails polished or coated with anti-scratch pads so as to save valuable wood furniture and other sensitive things scattered around the house. With them all cleaned within 30 minutes or so, you can now have them accessorized from head to foot.

Your local pet shop have hats. They can be those funny hats you see on soccer games. Or even hats that exude the dog?s confidence over their counterparts.

Dresses are available and they come in different sizes as well as for different purposes. They have party dresses, formal coats, wedding gowns and sports attires. I love most is the Brazilian jersey of the world famous? yellow and green. Of course, it should be number NINE!

Lastly, shoes that will complete all the get-up! High boots are preferred by owners since it gives dogs the much needed protection for their ankles. Dogs have fragile legs especially little breeds.

To top it off, shops have collars that sparkle in gold plate or silver. They can bear names of up to nine characters. They come in different variety!

There are so many ways that dogs can be treated nicely just like a pat in the back or a simple brush of the coat down the neck. We have to remember that our friends are like humans in every bit. They should be loved, appreciated and cared for. Dressed, fed and sheltered.

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