Uncover 7 Surefire Ways To Stop Your Dog From Begging

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Uncover 7 Surefire Ways To Stop Your Dog From Begging

by Kayla Noto

Does your dog whine when you sit down to eat dinner? Does he give you the big, glossy, sad eyes and pleading paw act in hopes that you'll give him that last piece of morsel off your plate? I say don?t fall for the ole dog begging act. Dogs relish attention--good or bad; it motivates them to do the things they do. If their action creates a reaction, you can certainly expect more of it--good or bad. Be strong and ignore him.

If you choose to give into your dog?s begging antics just remember dinnertime or any mealtime will never be the same again for you, your family or guests. Your dog?s starving performance will soon evolve into more interesting acts as he adds to the mix longingly stares, drooling, barking, balancing on his hinds legs, jumping up, and scurrying all around the room when little scraps by chance happen to fall on the floor.

The Problems with Table Feeding Your Dog

Feeding your dog scraps at the table encourages his bad behavior--begging. It puts him at risk of becoming overweight, because in addition to his regular daily dog meal(s), he?ll be eating the scraps you provide him and any other tidbits he can "mooch" from others at the table.

Additionally, food scraps can be unsafe for some dogs; many experience diarrhea, vomiting or develop a serious case of "knock-you-down" gas. A dog?s digestive system is very sensitive and eating too much human food, which can be high in fat, sugar or sodium, could easily make him ill or cause instant death.

Certain ingredients or foods that are outright toxic to dogs include tomatoes, onion and garlic, grapes and raisins, chocolate, and macadamia nuts. Other foods that are unhealthy for a dog includes raw meats, raw bones, cooked bones, cookies, cakes, ice creams, fried and greasy foods.

Can?t He Have Just A Little...

What? No Sunday dinner steaks? No sharing our Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey bird? You don?t have to be super strict at the table; your dog can enjoy some human food. If you insist on feeding your dog a few delicious morsels, then place them into his food bowl or dish preferably after your mealtime or while cleaning up--do not hand feed your dog. Or, save the scraps for the next day and add it to his dish in place of some of his regular ration.

Refrain from dumping your fettuccine alfredo or your kids? mac-n-cheese pasta dish into your dog?s bowl. Select healthy, low-fat scraps to give to your dog. Ideal leftover foods include: lean meats, rice, cooked vegetables, small pieces of fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, broiled, skinless chicken, etc. Remember, occasional tidbits of food offered to your dog as a treat is fine, but daily, large portions of food scraps are not; be wise and moderate in your offerings.

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

1. Instruct each family member and request visitors not to feed "Buster" at the table. Try to enforce the rule as best as possible.

2. Ignore your dog?s begging act. This may be difficult to do initially, but after a couple of mealtime sessions being ignored your dog will catch on and eventually stop begging.

If you have been feeding your dog from the table for a while, it could take longer for him to stop his annoying begging behavior--just be patient. If he remained quiet during mealtime and showed no signs of begging, praise him lovingly and offer him a doggie treat.

3. If he, however, continues to beg, switch tactics. This might be a good time to put your dog into his crate or out in the backyard or in a designated room where he can relax while you eat. Make it a fun and pleasant experience--never punishing.

4. If your dog is trained to understand the down and stay command, exercise the commands when he misbehaves at the table.

5. If you wish, before you sit to eat your meal, send your dog to his designated "meal waiting spot." Provide him with some entertainment while he waits. Try giving him a bone to chew on or fill a rubber tube toy with his favorite food treats.

6. Try feeding your dog before you sit down to eat. Hopefully with a full belly he will not be inclined to beg.

7. Try exhausting your dog with some fun playtime or exercise before your mealtime. With any luck, he would rather take a nap while everyone is eating.

Continue to enforce the "no feeding the dog at the table" policy, along with following the above-mentioned dog training tips and ideas. Before long, you will have a well-mannered dog you can be proud of and everyone will love to have around?even at mealtimes.

Kayla Noto is an avid dog lover and educator, brimming with insightful, tips and ideas that helps dog owners better understand the going ons of their canine companions. Uncover effective techniques to training your dog and curbing bad dog behaviors. To receive your free 4-day mini e-course, visit this link for details: dog training tips

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