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Unique Dog Collars

by Kevin Stith

Dogs are arguably the most popular pets and companions. From lapdogs to German Shepherds, there is a whole range of breeds that a dog lover could choose for a pet. Some breeds are very strong and ferocious and need a real strong harness and dog collar to control them. A dog collar refers to a collar worn by a dog. It usually holds vital information about the dog on tags and has a ring that a leash can be attached to. Collars are meant to control a dog with more ease. Leather buckle collars are the most common type. Unique dog collars are designed to make a dog look unique and different. They are also designed so that a dog can endure the different activities that its owners engage in like cycling, walking and hunting.

Reflective dog collars are designed for the safety of dogs at nights. The reflective strip on the leash reflects car lights and glows in the dark. This enables an owner to locate the dog in the dark. Flashing dog collars are also designed to spot dogs easily in the dark. Some collars are exclusively designed for dogs with long hair.

Thousands of dogs get injured or strangled by their collars, while playing around fences and trees or while playing with other dogs. Keep-Safe-Break-away collars are uniquely designed to prevent such strangulation accidents. These collars are facilitated with a break-away safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied. This prevents dogs from getting entangled by their collars.

Quick control collars are ideal for large sized dogs. These collars enable an owner to control the dog during a veterinarian visit or when confronted by another dog. Quick control collars are made from superior nylon material with a retractable leash, identification tag and a reflective strip stitched in for easy visibility at night.

Dog collars are available in a variety of colors and styles. Designer collars and jeweled collars are in vogue. In addition to choosing a dog collar that is unique, it is extremely important to determine the exact collar size of the dog and make sure it is comfortable in the collar you have chosen.

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