Unsolved Mystery Causes Death in Recalled Dog Food

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Unsolved Mystery Causes Death in Recalled Dog Food

by M Bruno

More than sixty million cans and pouches of pet and dog food have been recalled after the death of more than 10 pets, including at least 1 dog, that had eaten the food sold under at least ninety five brand names.

The cause of death has been linked to renal or kidney failure but the actual cause is still a mystery. Millions of dogs regularly eat the "cuts and gravy" food that is produced by Menu Foods who recalled the product after widespread reports of kidney failure in pets.

Throughout North America dog owners have become increasingly alarmed after buying the now recalled dog food sold under store brands at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Safeway and other large retail stores. Major private label brands include Nutro, Eukanuba, and Iams.

The FDA has entered the mix and has dispatched investigators to dog food manufacturing plants in the the states of Kansas and New Jersey which are operated by Menu Foods, the manufacturer of the recalled dog food brands.

Speculation exists that a common denominator in the recalled food is wheat gluten and this product is being investigated to determine if there is a causal link to the renal problem in pets and dogs nationwide that have eaten any of the recalled dog food brands.

Wheat gluten in of itself would not cause kidney failure or death in dogs according to the FDA but might have become contaminated by heavy metals or mold toxins.

Every dog owner should check to see if the dog food that they feed their dog is subject to recall.

If the brand of dog food is on the list of recalled dog food you should immediately

1) Stop feeding the brand immediately

2 ) Contact your veterinarian for further medical attention to protect the life of your dog.

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