Using A Dog Bark Collar For Controlling Dog Behavior Problems

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Using A Dog Bark Collar For Controlling Dog Behavior Problems

by Lee Dobbins

Most dog behavior dilemmas may only put an impact on the dog owner itself. However, there times when some canine behavior problems can also affect the other people in the neighborhood. Behavioral problems such as extreme barking could result to neighborhood clashes or arguments, and the worst, infringement of some animal control laws in a given area. So to speak, the so-called ?barking dogs? can be pretty much of a problem in ht neighborhood.

In essence, it is typically natural for a dog to bark. After all, that is their nature and that is what dogs are for. Barking creates a warning that initially tells the dog owner about the present problem or any intruder that is trying to enter the vicinity.

On the other hand, excessive barking may result to noise problems. Besides, extreme barking suggests unacceptable canine behavioral problem and needs to be deal with as soon as possible.

Talking or discussing the matters with your neighbors may sound like a feasible idea. However, it will not cure the problem. Your dog will continue to bark and if the situation permits, tolerance may not be the greatest solution in clearing any dispute with your neighbors.

The first step in addressing this kind of dog behavioral problem is to identify the duration of your dog's barking, the reasons for such behavior, and the exact time it usually starts to bark.

Identifying these factors is such a daunting task. Just imagine the tedious work of coordinating with your neighbors just to ask them about your dog's barking problem. This could even be more of a problem if you are not at home most of the time.

Therefore, the only feasible solution to this kind of problem is to find an effective device that will minimize or control your dog's barking.

Luckily, dog bark collars have been created to address this canine behavioral problem. Dog bark collars are exceptionally designed dog collars to provide an aversive every time your dog tries to bark aloud.

Dog bark collars are available in different types, with various ways of stopping your dog's barking. Here's the list:

1. Shock collars

This is the most expensive type of dog bark collars. However, in spite of its high-priced attribute, this collar is nothing more than that. According to various researches, shock collars are the least effective dog bark collars available in the market today.

Shock collars run an electric current that creates shock, thereby, hurting your dog. At some point, the pain may not effectively stop the barking because there are some dogs that can endure the pain and will still continue the said behavior.

The worst scenario would be on how your dog will try to divert his attention to other pets or to people who are within close proximity.

2. Aversive sound collar

Although considered a little better than shock collars, aversive sound collars do not pose high effective results as far as dog barking control is concerned.

Aversive sound collars try to produce a ?high-frequency? sound whenever your dog barks. Usually, the sound is set off by the sound of the barking itself. The others are turned on manually.

3. Citronella dog bark collar

This is considered as the most effective of all types of dog bark collars. According to some research, citronella dog bark collars are twice as effective as the other types of dog bark collars particularly shock collars. The efficiency is well attributed to the citronella solution present in the collar.

This type of dog bark collar produces a gentle mist of citronella scent that is directed on your dog's face, particularly to the nose whenever he barks. Dogs do not like the scent of citronella and will automatically stop barking whenever he smells this.

The only problem with this type of dog bark collar is that the microphone attached to the collar is very sensitive to noise. Hence, the aversive scent may be set off even if your dog is not barking, which is caused by the other barking sounds present within the area.

Dog bark collars can be effective in one way or another. However, the main point here is to correct the dog bark collar by determining the main cause of the problem. To be more effective, dog bark collars must be combined with the proper way of addressing the cause of dog barking once identified.

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